8 Amazing places in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv (meaning ‘ Hill of Spring’ in Hebrew) is also known as the Mediterranean Manhattan. It’s breezy, urban and cool. The neighborhoods in this city are very diverse, old meets new and tons of hip places to have a coffee, refreshment and something to eat. 

I spent 2 days in Tel Aviv and it really captured my heart. I’ve never experienced such an unique city with so many different vibes. The people are very friendly and you feel very safe here. 

Carmel district

This was the area of the Air BnB I stayed and I was amazed by the vivid and cute neighborhood. The colorful streets and not knowing where it will take you makes this area a nice place to wander around. 

Carmel Market

This market was next to the Air BnB I stayed and it was very lively: crowded, colorful, tasty food and great fresh market scent. Walking through this market felt like an attraction itself.

Perfect spot for a breakfast or snack to go. At the end of the market you’ll find nice coffee spots where you can enjoy a wonderful shamshuka and amazing cappucino’s. 

Nachalat Bünyamin street 

This street is situated near Carmel market where you can find many stands selling crafts and beautiful souvenirs. From paintings, drawings to necklaces and local food delicacies. Even if there isn’t anything to your taste, this street is worth passing by. 

Neve Tzedek neighborhood

Also known as the Bohemian quarter of Tel Aviv. This Neighborhood is cozy, hip, colorful and very modern.

The streetart and beautiful flower trees make the neighborhood of Neve Tzedek very lively and colorful. It’s a great place to take a break, order a drink and enjoy the people passing by. 
This photogenic area is a great place to spend an afternoon and visit the creative local shops. 
Next to that this a nice place for a coffee break too. 
Impossible to miss Shabazi street.

Levinsky 41

Café Levinsky 41 is a must stop while wandering through the streets in Tel Aviv. Cafe Levinksy has a great refreshing “gazoz” – the vintage word for soda with fruit syrup and they add some local fresh herbs and flowers which make the beverage aromatic, tasty and beautiful!
It’s a great spot to hang around and enjoy your refreshment. 

Beach side walk to Jaffa

The beach area is refreshing and it’s a great place to see a lot of action along the shore line.
From people walking the dog, do sports, make music, chill out with friends to yoga groups. It never gets dull!

In Tel Aviv and specially at this area you see many people use an electronic step. It’s very simple to use and great way to relocate from one side to another. Next to that it’s fun!

Old Jaffa by day and by night

The moment I got to this area I was in love. It’s like stepping in a time machine walking through the old town. I didn’t know what to expect before coming to Jaffa and I was blown away by the energy and it’s beauty.

Walking through this area is a true must. There is a difference between Jaffa by day and night. Both very positive and vivid experiences.

From Jaffa you can walk to Jaffa Port.

Jaffa Port

A hip and cool port where you can enjoy the sea view with a drink and wonderful food. Jaffa Port offers a variety of culture and food options, including restaurants where fresh fish and seafood is served.