7x Paris spots not to miss

Oh Paris! It doesn’t really matter in which season you visit this city of love, it’s charm never fades.
I’ve had the privilege to visit Paris for many times and still have the feeling there is so much to explore.
It’s important to take your time in Paris, don’t rush. Take a moment to enjoy a coffee, go sit in the park and watch people pass by, wander through the quiet streets without knowing where it will take you.
Because that’s what Paris is all about: being in the moment and enjoy the beauty and elegancy of everything Paris has to offer.

1. Le Marais

One of my favorite areas in Paris. It’s in this area that I get that warm happy feeling in my body and slow my footsteps to enjoy the surroundings.
The shop galeries, small parks, detailed architecture and the pastry shops are so fancy and inviting. This trendy neighborhood has a lot to offer.

Take a lunch break at the beautiful conceptstore Merci. Breakfast and lunchroom Neighbours is also worth trying. It’s small, cozy and they take the time for you.
Boot cafe is nearby and a great spot to recharge your batteries with a nice coffee and a banana bread before you continue exploring the city. 
In case they’re all full I recommend Ob-La-Di. Same healthy concept like the others and cozy.

In the neighborhood of Le Marais you find a beautiful street that it’s getting more popular by the year:
Rue des Rosiers.
It’s a narrow and colorful street with much history where a large jewish community is based. If you’re a fan of jewish food, this is the place to be.

2. La Felicità

I got to know about this place through a French instagrammer. I decided to visit Felicita the morning before I had to catch the train back home.
When you think you’ve seen it all and your brain is full with impressions, you’ll always have room for Felicità.

A unique, modern and trendy foodhall where the locals go for a drink, lunchbreak, diner, work meetings, Friday night hangout and Sunday chills.
The idea is so well thought! The creativity put in this place is present the first moment you enter.
They’ve created different areas in one big room and everything fits together.
The toilets are an attraction itself. They’re all different so don’t forget to check them all.

I had one of the best truffle pastas at Big Mamma at Felicità. Apparently they have more restaurants located in Paris: Ober Mamma, East Mamma and Pink Mamma. 

Address: 5 Parvis Alan Turing

3. Notre Dame area

It’s impossible not to pass by this stunning cathedral. Thankfully you don’t need to wait long to enter and enjoy the inside. 
The island where the Notre Dame is situated is romantic to wander around.
At Rue Chanoinesse that is situated next to the Notre Dame cathedral you’ll find Au Vieux Paris d’ Arcole. The colors are so pretty. In spring and summer time the tree blooms in color purple.

Even though you cannot compare the Notre Dame, there is an extreme impressive chapel nearby called Sainte-Chapelle.
You have to pay an entree fee but it’s worth it at least once in your life. I’ve never seen a chapel like this one. Seeing the outside light come in through the stained glass full with detail is just breathtaking.

4. Walk through the Seine river

I’ve been to Paris in love, with a heartbreak, with school, family and friends. It doesn’t matter what your state of mind is, a walk through the Seine river is the cure.
It’s a lively place where you see people dancing tango, salsa, kizomba, play music and just hang around with friends.

Buy a bottle of wine, get some cheese with bread and sit of the edge at the river. It’s a guarantee that spending time in this area will get you a smile on your face. 

5. Rue di Buci and Jardin du Luxembourg 

While riding across Paris with the electric step I came across this vivid colorful street. This area has it’s own charm and ambience. 
Take a moment and enjoy this area called Odeon and don’t miss the cozy Luxembourg park. It’s a great place to sit at a typical Paris park chair, rest your feet and enjoy the view.
If the sun is out the chances are that you want to spend more time here.

6. Jardin des Tuileries

One of my favorite parks due to it’s beauty. It’s the kind of park that never gets dull and before you know you’ve walked a big scale of meters.
I prefer to take my time walking through this park and the galeries at the side than take the subway and get to my destination in a few minutes.

Near this beautiful garden you’ll find the colorful umbrellas of Le Village Royal. 

7. Montmartre

The artistic area of Paris. It’s one of those places where you can feel how it looked like back in the days when Vincent Van Gogh and Monet walked on the same streets.

It’s a good work out to take the steps to the top and you won’t regret it. The view at the Sacré-Cœur basilica is amazing and gives you a reminder of how big this capital city is.

Getting around

The fastest way in every big city is the subway. It will definitely save you much time but you don’t see as much. 
I highly recommend taking the electric step. It’s efficient, easy to use and a lot of fun!
You can use one with two people or one each.

Eat and sleep

Next to the beauty and romance, Paris is also known for being very expensive. 
When I was there I went to restaurants and some evenings I chose a more affordable and still charming option to enjoy my evening and diner. I bought bread at a bakery, fromage at a store with a beer on the side and watch live tennis matches at the park.
I honestly enjoyed these evenings more than at a restaurant. With the right company everything is more nice and fun.

I have to take a moment to recommend a very cool and affordable hotel where I stayed a little bit outside the city centre: The Mob Hotel.
It’s a young, authentic and trendy hotel where you can sleep, play games, enjoy the terrace and have a good Italian diner.