7x not to miss when in Milos

Milos was our highlight of our Greek islands experience. It’s such an adventurous gem and has so much to offer. From hidden beaches to moonscapes, fishermen villages  and stunning sunset spots. Milos has it all.
There are many things that stood out and I want to share my top 7 things to do on the island.

1. Go to the moon at Saraniko beach

This one of a kind beach is an amazing spot to take beautiful pictures, chill and take a swim.
It looks like you’re on the moon. It’s so unique and surreal.
Come early to avoid the crowd and get a nice spot to relax. Bring you snorkles with you to see some fish. 

2. Tsigrado beach

This place is for the adventurous ones. Once you arrive at the parking lot you take the rope to get you down.
We did it on slippers and sandals. You’ll have more grip doing it on sneakers.

It looks harder than it is and you’ll be down in 2 minutes for sure. The challenge is in your mind.
Once you’re down, you’ll be wowed by the amazing bay that feels nearly private. You can go around the corner of this bay for a spot for yourself.
This was my highlight of Milos. I’ve never experienced a beach like this and I think it had to do with the way to get there.

3. Go to Fyriplaka beach next to Tsigrado beach

If you just went to Tsigrado beach, take a moment to visit the beach next to it even if it’s just for an hour. It’s so beautiful and has a different vibe.

4. Firopotamos beach

As you may have noticed Milos is all about beaches. And not just any beaches.
This was the beach near our Air Bnb and we were amazed by it’s beauty, the temperature of the water and vibe.

We came back to this beach three times and often said to eachother how lucky locals were to have this beach to go to whenever. It’s quiet, cozy and romantic.

5. Visit the fishermen village Plaka

A must when coming to Milos. The colors and ambiance are unique. I’ve never seen anything like it. Beautiful to see that the fishermen village is still active. It can’t get any more Greek then this.

6. Have lunch or dinner at O!Hamos!

We were blown away by this place. The food quality, the prices, wine and staff were an absolute delight. 
We were enjoying the O! Hamos! vibe so much and saw that they had a place to chill at the beach as well so we decided to cross the road and relax on the other side.

The water was warm and very clear. Great to snorkle in and we enjoyed the great wine with snacks.
This was one of our favorite afternoons on the island because it was so unexpeted.

7. Watch the sunset at Plaka village near the church

We came here every evening to watch the sunset and it was beautiful every day. 
It’s such a romantic place to end your afternoon. The small village is very photogenic and pittoresk.