7x amazing activities in Isla de Holbox

From the moment we arrived on the island we knew we would have a blast here.
There is so much beauty and the island vibe is very present. The street art makes the island even more beautiful than it already is and the food options are endless.

There are no cars here, only golf cars and some trucks. The island has the right balance between tourism and locals and it’s for everyone. From families to couples to a weekend away with friends and also to come by yourself.

It’s safe to say that the island has it all. You can do extreme sports like kite surfing, relax at the beach, do some shopping and enjoy the flora and fauna.

1. Walk on the sandbox

It was the first time for me to experience this and I loved it.

Head East passing all the Hotels until you see a light color further in the sea. Walk to the middle where the color of the sea is more clear. Careful, don’t bring too much with you because you need to carry it on top of you while crossing to the sandbox.

The water will be at your knees when you reach the sanbox but it’s safe. There is no strong current here. It’s quite an unique experience and I saw it as a work out.

2. Enjoy some mango at the beach

I was always so happy to see the Mango Man walking at the beach. It was the best, most fresh and sweetest mango I’ve ever tasted and I wish every beach in the world would have this mango.

They make a beautiful flower and it tastes even better because the eyes enjoy it too.
On windy days they slice the mango into a cup, otherwise you’ll have a mango with sand.

3. Have the best peperoni pizza in the world

I’m picky with pizza’s and I never would have guessed that I would eat the best pizza ever in Isla de Holbox.
Its thin, crispy, not greasy, it has right amount of cheese and a lot of peperoni. Go try it out and let me know what you think.

Address: El hornito Argento pizza a la Leña

4. Stay at hotel Alcobas del Mar

When seeing Alcobas del Mar on booking.com I was automatically blown away by the price quality they offer. The inside pool is magical and so romantic. The rooms were just my taste: spacious, well decorated and a romantic bohemian touch.

The place smelled really good as well. The internet connection didn’t reach our room but that definetly didn’t turn us off. I highly recommend staying at Alcobas del Mar.

5. Check the knitted beach wear collection of Asi Voy

When at the beach the beachwear collection of Asi Voy catched my eye. 
You can see it’s made with passion, quality and dedication. I wanted to buy everything!

You can find Anita Cantarell (creator of Asi Voy) walking at the beach every day with her knitted bikini’s and amazing tops.
I bought this white knitted top and it’s my favorite summer piece. It goes with everything.

6. Have breakfast or lunch at Painadol

Painadol has an ultimate beach and island vibe. Everything looks good: the staff, the food, the drinks and the decor.

To be honest we came here three times during our stay. Why? The food was so good and healthy. The coffee and juices were perfect. The italian family that runs the place have such good vibes that they lift everybody up.

And have I mentioned that thet have great taste in music? The playlists they put on take you back in time (the good kind).

7. Enjoy and relax with a wonderful massage at the beach

After traveling for a while with our backpacks our back was asking for some relaxation. While walking at the beach we saw an amazing massage bed with curtains around it. It looked very professional and she asked $25 for an hour.

We didn’t think twice and we went for it. It was the most unique massage I’ve ever had. The sound of the waves, the birds and the wind blowing through the palm trees made me live the massage in a different dimention. 

The massage lady was very kind and was so professional. Everything was in balance.

Location: On front of Aimate restaurant